Living Binder

The Living Binder

The Living Binder - A great tool to help organize your life and an easy way to gather and keep all of your important documents. This is the most valuable resource for you and your entire family!

There are many issues that individuals struggle with during emergencies, when someone becomes incapacitated or passes away. Questions such as, who do we call? What do we do? How do we begin to take care of their affairs? Where are important documents kept? Who will care for the children? Who will take care of the pets? Who is designated to make all of these important decisions?

  • Your Living Binder has 8-sections all designed to help you organize your life!
  • In the event you should ever become incapacitated, your family would easily be able to grab your Living Binder and know what to do and who was designated to make important decisions for you
  • At the time of your death, your Living Binder becomes a tremendously valuable resource for your family; a road map to taking care of all of your final affairs.

The Living Binder Social

The Living Binder Social is a fun and simple way to share the valuable and beneficial benefits of the Living Binder with you, your family and friends. It's a great way for you to start organizing your own affairs while giving your friends and family an opportunity to do the same! Additionally, the Living Binder Social provides a perfect opening to begin having necessary and important conversations with one another. Planning together is always better…gather your family and friends and give us a call to schedule yours today!


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